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What is the purpose of this business?

We advertise. We help your business to come across better with any social media you want (Facebook and Twitter
are the main ones you'll want to get across information and get questions (if you want to know why that's important,
click here
Making certain dicisions can be hard when you don't know what you're doing. The saying 'Two heads are better than one'
actually holds some truth.

Who am I?

You can find out more about me on the about page.

Is this even important anyway?

Social media is an incredibly important and influential platform, especially for up-and-coming businesses that want
to get out there. There was a study done that showed that posts on Facebook (and consequently emotions) are contagious:
sad posts can initiate more sad posts and happy posts can make people happy! There's so much research into coming
across well like profile pictures and even things as simple as colour can affect mood and attitude towards something,
eg. the warm colours (red, orange and yellow) can make feelings of compassion or anger and cold colours (blue, purple, green)
can make you feel calm or sad (eg. feeling blue).

Colour affecting mood Social media can invoke feelings of belonging for a lot of people who can't turn to friends or anyone else.
Just look at how popular things like chat rooms are. The internet allows you to connect with people on the
other side of the planet and befriend people who have very specific tastes: you can meet someone on a cat
lover's forum and become friends; it can often be better than just becoming friends because you are shoved
into a workplace together.

There's been a lot of reasearch (like here and here) into what emotions go into the virality of something: what emotions
trigger you to do certain actions, eg. sharing instead of commenting. If a picture or post is inspirational, it will
give us a feeling that we want to get out there and do something. This empathy means that social media is not just
something to broadcast information. It's a community. And that community can be yours if you use it right. Social
media is not just websites on the internet. It's a tool that you can use to your advantage.

How do I apply for services?

Use the contact page for any questions, tips or messages!

How can I know that my data will be secure?

Mediarly will take responsibility for any loss of data or money by ignorance or lack of communication on our
behalf. We will keep any passwords or information as secret as you want.

Mediarly - your business.

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